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Twenty laborious years -- and I'm glad to be here

by talexb (Chancellor)
on Dec 12, 2021 at 13:54 UTC ( #11139578=perlmeditation: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

    Happy Monkday!!1! You've been here 20 laborious years. You look marvelous!

I sing with a group of top-notch musicians (our website) that I joined back in '98, because I wanted to challenge myself to become a better singer and performer. I did the same thing when I joined this website -- to learn and get better about everything to do with Perl.

Since my background in development languages was C and assembler, my early Perl code looked suspiciously like C. That was just my 'accent' talking. I've become a much more fluent reader and writer of Perl since then. And I owe that improvement to this community, to The Perl Foundation for supporting annual conferences, and to the regular Perlmonger meetings I attend (and host in Toronto).

I continue to be heartened about the progress that Perl development makes -- there are still regular releases, and Ovid is making progress with his OO project Corinna. And there are new modules and updates popping up on MetaCPAN every week. So much for the Greek chorus chanting 'Perl is dead' every year.

The quote I had planned to close with turns out to be made up (about Pablo Casal's contining to practise at age 80, because he felt he was '.. making progress.' here), but still, I like the idea of continuing to practise, even after 20+ years of using a technology, or being a musician. If I get a little better every day, every week, that's progress. I like that.

Alex / talexb / Toronto

Thanks PJ. We owe you so much. Groklaw -- RIP -- 2003 to 2013.

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Re: Twenty laborious years -- and I'm glad to be here
by eyepopslikeamosquito (Bishop) on Dec 12, 2021 at 22:20 UTC

    As a long-time student of Saints in our Book, I noticed you've just passed the illustrious jdporter on your twentieth anniversary. Congratulations!

    #UserExperienceLevel WriteupsUser SinceLast Here
    50planetscape31353Chancellor (21)13032005-03-27 09:2816 weeks ago
    51talexb29938Canon (20)22062001-12-12 20:342 hours ago
    52jdporter29938Canon (20)35982002-05-30 16:486 hours ago

    Spookily, I see planetscape is right in the mix again ... just as she was last time I noticed something unusual on Saints in our Book. :)

    Update: Still neck and neck 5 days later on Dec 17 2021. Just 10 more XP to go. Who will become Chancellor first? The suspense is killing me. :)

    51talexb29990Canon (20)22092001-12-12 20:344 hours ago
    52jdporter29990Canon (20)36012002-05-30 16:4816 minutes ago

    Woo hoo, talexb made it to Chancellor first, beating jdporter to this new level by just 3 XP, on Dec 19 2021!

    51talexb30000Chancellor (21)22102001-12-12 20:344 hours ago
    52jdporter29997Canon (20)36012002-05-30 16:482 days ago

    jdporter made Chancellor one day later, on Dec 20 2021 ... and on Dec 21 they are tied ... again ... at 30001 ... and again on Dec 23 at 30007 and Dec 24 at 30010 and Dec 29 at 30028. Inseparable. :)

    51talexb30028Chancellor (21)22112001-12-12 20:3422 hours ago
    52jdporter30028Chancellor (21)36032002-05-30 16:482 days ago

    Jan 08 2022: jdporter takes the lead: 30047 to 30046 (3608 writeups to 2212). Feb 19 2022: talexb bursts 100 XP clear: 30217 to 30117 (2229 writeups to 3623). Apr 05 2022: talexb remains 100 XP ahead: 30303 to 30203 (2231 writeups to 3633). Apr 11 2022: talexb only 50 XP ahead: 30303 to 30253 (2231 writeups to 3637). Apr 19 2022: jdporter has caught up ... they are tied ... again!: 30304 to 30304 (2231 writeups to 3640). Apr 21 2022: jdporter takes the lead again.

    51jdporter30319Chancellor (21)36412002-05-30 16:486 hours ago
    52talexb30304Chancellor (21)22312001-12-12 20:343 weeks ago

    Still more than 1000 behind planetscape at number 50 with 31354 XP. May 6 2022: jdporter 100 XP ahead: 30409 to 30309. June 10 2022: jdporter 200 XP ahead: 30536 to 30336. Aug 09 2022: 235 ahead, 30607 to 30372. Nov 11 2022: 254 ahead, 30676 to 30422. Dec 14 2022: 198 ahead, 30686 to 30488 (afoken is one behind on 30180 and gaining). Who will reach the top 50 first?

    #UserExperienceLevel WriteupsUser SinceLast Here
    50planetscape31378Chancellor (21)13032005-03-27 09:2819 weeks ago
    51jdporter30692Chancellor (21)36782002-05-30 16:486 hours ago
    52talexb30517Chancellor (21)22482001-12-12 20:342 hours ago
    53afoken30223Chancellor (21)21972009-02-28 20:016 hours ago

        As a long-time student of Saints in our Book, ...

      Oh, my goodness. Even though I've been on this site for a ridiculously long time, I also look at this page occasionally. It amazes me that some users who haven't been here in years are still far higher in the Experience numbers. Still, it's fun to contribute now and then, and explain what community means to the infinite supply of newbies who continue to arrive every week. ("Still? I was s-u-r-e that Perl was dead." "Uh .. nope. Not even *close*.") :)

      Alex / talexb / Toronto

      Thanks PJ. We owe you so much. Groklaw -- RIP -- 2003 to 2013.

        It amazes me that some users who haven't been here in years are still far higher in the Experience numbers

        Nevermind (macht nichts). As a consolation, your entertaining Twenty Laborious Years meditation has helped you sprint clear of the redoubtable jdporter (who is now eating your dust) ... and I further predict you'll beat him to the coveted Chancellor level within a week or two ... and then, mühelos, sail past the delightful (but currently inactive) planetscape to earn a well-deserved spot in the coveted top 50 before your next anniversary. :)

Re: Twenty laborious years -- and I'm glad to be here
by roho (Chancellor) on Dec 13, 2021 at 05:52 UTC
    Congratulations talexb. That's quite a milestone. I have appreciated your responses to SOPW questions over the years. In the spirit of TIMTOWTDI, you have provided many unique approaches to problem solving. Long live Perl!

    "It's not how hard you work, it's how much you get done."

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