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see also Indirect Object Syntax by Bod from (working class) Coventry, UK.

Around here they call me posh as I hail from Warwick. Only 14 miles distance geographically but a world apart if the British class system still existed!

new Foo has two barewords

Is new not a keyword that Perl understands without any context other than a module name will follow?

So, to ensure I do understand...
Are these the accepted way to do it? Can they be imporved?

my $gd = GD::Image->new(); @bounds = $gd->stringFT(...);
Is it OK to condense that down to this and avoid the intermediate variable definition?
@bounds = GD::Image->new()->stringFT(...);
Are the brackets necessary as the -> operator explicitly tells Perl this is a method call?
@bounds = GD::Image->new->stringFT(...);

Update: I've been reading this book and realised that new is not a keyword in Perl! It is just the name of a commonly used module method. Another little chunk of understanding falls into place...