PDL 2.058 has just been released. Notable changes since 2.057: Due to changes to the “Core” structure, you will need to reinstall all your PDL::PP modules (though not pure-Perl ones) IF your current PDL version is <2.057_04. Sorry. There may be further core changes, but they should be binary-compatible (things being added not changed).

It is a known problem that older versions of clang/LLVM (at least 10.0.1 and 12.0.0, though not 12.0.5) crash when compiling the latest PDL. If this happens for you, please upgrade your clang/LLVM.

Future plans, in no particular order:

This work has been aided hugely by the tireless, superb efforts on the PDL ecosystem’s continuous integration (CI) capability by the mighty Zaki Mughal. Thanks, Zaki!

The IRC channel (#pdl on is a great virtual place to come and ask questions, or just watch the GitHub messages flow by.

Please give the new PDL a try and report problems.