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The problem is gmake is disallowed by group object policy and there is no getting around that.

It's astounding that gmake is disallowed. Are you allowed to use any other flavour of 'make' - 'dmake' for example ? ... or a 'gmake.exe' that has been renamed to something else ?

The first thing to note about ppm packages is that they're all built using some flavour of 'make', and I fear that they would therefore also be disallowed under this brilliantly innovative "group object policy".
The second thing to note about ppm is that I think that all of the ppm repositories (which held the ppm packages that users could install) are no longer in existence,
If you can locate a ppm repo that holds (or even might hold) a ppm package for Tk and/or Devel::ptkdb, then post its location and I'll tell you how to ppm install it.
Essentially it's just (eg) ppm install full_URL_to_repo/Tk.ppd

Which leaves me CPAN , which also does not work

But CPAN utilizes a 'make' utility - which is 'gmake' by default on recent Strawberry Perls. Would your group object Police turn a blind eye to that ?
Can you even download the Tk source ?

Is it permissible for you to build Tk at home, and then copy the build to your work machine (say, from a USB stick) ?