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Coerces both arguments to Numeric (if necessary)...

That's an unfortunate choice, IMO.

coercion from Rat to Num can result in loss of precision

And that's the reason that I don't like that choice. If instead, the Num was coerced to Rat, then there would be no loss of precision.

your python example does much the same...

If that were so, then I think the following python3 one-liner would print "True":
$ python3 -c 'from fractions import Fraction; print (Fraction(1,10) == + 0.1);' False
Even though the Fraction (Rat) 1/10 coerces to the float (Num) 0.1e0, python3 still recognizes that the 2 values are not equivalent.

My only other experience with comparisons between rational types and floating point types is in the mpfr library where, like python3, the comparison is made between the "Rat" (mpq_t) and the exact rational value of the "Num" (mpfr_t) using the mpfr_cmp_q function.
The gmp library has both a "Num" (mpf_t) and "Rat" (mpq_t) type, but doesn't provide any public functions for directly comparing the 2 types. It's therefore up to the user to come up with the comparison routines.

Anyway, if raku users are happy with the approach taken then there's not much point in complaining about it.
(And I haven't yet encountered any raku users that are unhappy with that current approach.)