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OK, .. I hope an example makes it clearer

Container = SharedHouse Element = Person ->do_something = ->pay_rent

this used to work as long as one Person could only live in ONE house at a time.

my $cont = SharedHouse->new('Prag'); my $elem = Person->new('Egon'); $cont->add_elem($elem); # method chaining $cont->get_elem('Egon')->pay_rent();

Now the requirement changed to manage multiple houses in the same program with overlapping sets of inhabitants.

my best guess is that get_elem should now return an object of a new class Inhabitant pointing to one SharedHouse and one Person

like this, these would return different objects of type Inhabitant

$elem1 = $cont1->get_elem('Egon'); $elem2 = $cont2->get_elem('Egon');

but both are internally pointing to the same Person 'Egon'

$elem1->{person} == $elem2->{person}

such that

$elem1->pay_rent() pays the rent for the SharedHouse object in $cont1


$elem1->comb_hair() delegates to $elem1->{person}->comb_hair()

I hope it's clearer now. :)

(the real model is even more complicated, since the container is actually a matrix of two types of elements and values in the cell. Think of objects of type Room like $kitchen, and $Egon->owns("Kitchen", "Table"); )

Cheers Rolf
(addicted to the Perl Programming Language :)
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