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To answer my own question, this seems to work:

use strict; use warnings; BEGIN { push @DB::typeahead,"b testsub","r"; } sub testsub { warn "inside"; } warn "outside"; testsub();

> perl -d d:/tmp/pm/ Loading DB routines from version 1.57 Editor support enabled. Enter h or 'h h' for help, or 'perldoc perldebug' for more help. auto(-2) DB<1> b testsub auto(-1) DB<2> r outside at d:/tmp/pm/ line 14. at d:/tmp/pm/ line 14. DB<2> s inside at d:/tmp/pm/ line 10. at d:/tmp/pm/ line 10. main::testsub() called at d:/tmp/pm/ line 16 DB<2>

all it needs is more syntactic sugar to be able to read a history file.

and a wrapper module could handle the fact that

> @DB::typeahead is not a supported interface and is subject to change in the future


here a list of older discussions regarding typeahead, the older the better: click <Search>

Cheers Rolf
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