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I've found a number of references to SMS and to some speech-to-text applications, but searching online has come up empty for any full VoIP functionality with Perl. Am I just looking in the wrong places (wrong terminology, perhaps), or is it even possible?

I would basically like to have something similar to Google Voice, Skype, ICQ, or SpeakFreely (in descending order of novelty). For my purposes, SpeakFreely would actually be fine. While it would be nice if up to five people could connect together simultaneously in the same call, it only really needs to have two, and I would like those two to connect through a website of my own creation and a webserver for which I am webmaster (linux-based). One client would be coming from Windows and the other from Mac--in case this rules something out.

If Perl has no way of creating a live voice-connection like this, would there be some other simple way of doing so without Google Voice, Skype, or FaceTime? (My machine/OS are too old to satisfy the requirements of all these; plus, I don't really trust those services.)

For the SMS I found only this:

Sending SMS - is there a way?

And for SIP I found this:

It's unclear if either of these could be the start of a live voice connection.