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> in his camp

So far, Larry's camp is not represented in the p5p discussion. It shouldn't make you happy.

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Re^5: Proposed change regarding "Taint" support
by hippo (Bishop) on Aug 13, 2021 at 15:23 UTC

    Not in that discussion, no. However if you go back to the original referenced post there is at least some support. Steffen himself says (his emphasis):

    I would NOT want this to be the default behaviour, but having this an option could be a boon to people like my employer, who run Perl on thousands of machines and capacity is as important as latency.

    And later ...

    And while I'm at it: You distribution people out there: Don't ship a perl without taint support by default!

    There were a few others in the Larry/Hippo camp back then including Tux and Reini. But perhaps I will badger the p5p echo chamber with my opinions again now so they don't think it is obsolete.