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In a few places I have code that takes a significant piece of text, such as a knowledgebase article, and splits a small section from the beginning as an abstract. The code I generally use came from an answer to Splitting long text for Template

But now, for a different application, I want to create an abstract of text which may contain HTML tags. The problem comes with not wanting to split an HTML tag in two. I want either all of it or none of it. So this is the code I am using...

sub abstract { my $text = shift; if (length $text > 200 and $text =~ /^(.{0,200}\b)(.*)$/s) { $text = "$1..."; } # Check we have not split an HTML tag my $lt = $text =~ tr/<//; my $gt = $text =~ tr/>//; if ($lt != $gt) { my ($keep, $strip) = $text =~ /(.*)<(.*)/; $text = "$keep..."; } return $text; }
It does exactly what I want.

However, I cannot help thinking that the code could be more succinct...
Can you suggest a better way to do it?