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Re: My primary motivation for participating at PerlMonks is:

by hrcerq (Scribe)
on Aug 08, 2021 at 18:51 UTC ( #11135706=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to My primary motivation for participating at PerlMonks is:

We (human beings) are almost 8 billion over the world. What would have brought us here if not the ability to cooperate? Compared to other species, we are weak and slow, and completely vulnerable when we're born. Cooperation is our greatest strenght.

"To build together" makes sense because of "together", not because of "to build". I picked Sense of community, but it has nothing to do with expecting direct responses to my contributions. It's more related to knowing Perl has greater chances of survival if Perl programmers and enthusiasts stand together.

But anyway, there are other reasons too. Learning definitely was an objective when I decided to join. Much of what I learned regarding not just Perl but many other things came from community contributions and my interaction with such communities.

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