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Coincidentally I started a thread yesterday on a related subject. Until now, I've relied exclusively on operating system packages as integrity and authenticity checks are disabled by default, and depend on the programmer having signed the packages (which is not always the case).

System packages, on the other hand, are always checked, can be uninstalled without surprising side-effects, and are more likely to be system-compatible. Unfortunately, using exclusively system packages means not getting many nice contributions available in CPAN repos.

Usually, I tend to prefer security, efficiency and robustness over getting things done and working faster, though I recognize this often times is painfully difficult to put in practice.

So, CPAN is a great help, but I find it a shame that such problems still weren't addressed. I'm hoping they will be, before I actually depend on CPAN for anything more than getting to know it. I'd be glad to help improve it, but right now, I'm clearly unprepared for that.

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