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Re^12: [OT] Re^7: Perl Contempt in My Workplace

by huck (Prior)
on May 30, 2021 at 16:10 UTC ( #11133312=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^11: [OT] Re^7: Perl Contempt in My Workplace
in thread Perl Contempt in My Workplace

not very polite.

It is much more polite than you demanding someone else do your work for you

sorry for making you sad

You did not make me sad, you are just making yourself look like a fool, like the time you busted because you didnt first think about how your changes affected other users of that module.

You have no right to demand anyone to show you any code without paying them.

I dont expect CPAN to solve all my problems for me, some i have to solve myself

A search for perl and datatables shows a few examples of how to fix your problem since it seems you cant figure it out yourself.

For all the time you have spent complaining here, you could have written the few LOC needed to fix it

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Re^13: [OT] Re^7: Perl Contempt in My Workplace
by vkon (Curate) on May 30, 2021 at 16:37 UTC
    I do not demand for anyone to write code for me.
    OTOH when someone states that there is simple perl solution - and I state that it didn't exist - then "please show me code" seems natural (if this is some 5-10 lines of example code).
    In the meantime - I am sincerely grateful to cavac who showed me his implementation Re^4: Perl Contempt in My Workplace - it could be that I will switch to it later, if indeed this will resolve my problem.

    Regarding busted - so what - when I got it in 2003 it haven't worked at all on current (at that time) TCL/tk because tcl/tk introduced some some incompatibility and it crashed every time - so I fixed it.
    If you think I made something wrong there - welcome to discuss these problems on proper mailing list or on github.

      so I fixed it. If you think I made something wrong there - welcome to discuss these problems on proper mailing list or on github.

      I KNOW you "made something wrong there", and "so i fixed it" so it didnt bust existing code anymore. Its even in github and was even discussed on the proper mailinglist, and even discussed here

      My point was you are known to act without thinking it thru first. That makes you look foolish. As a generalized solution a datatables sever in perl is not trivial, (not real hard, but a lot of housework first) but for any given SELECT it is not very hard at all. Once the "get results" subroutine works, it is easy to add to any framework.

      The point you ARE making is that there is not much continuing interest by perl programmers in datatables. If you looked you might have found the perl datatables module on cpan,somewhat out of data tho. that they or anyone else didnt update it to work with the newer releases shows me datatables is if little interest to this community.

      perlmonks is not a group of cut&paste script-kiddies and in general doesnt tolerate them well. This is not your first rodeo so they are not giving you a pass like the might a newbie. You stuck your foot into your mouth again and got called on it.

      No there isnt some magical 5 LOC solution, but the mechanics of constructing the SELECT is somewhat minor compared to the mechanics of setting up the the server, getting/validateing the parms, connecting to the database, and returning massaging/returning the result set via JSON. And you know that, still its bound to be under a couple of hundred LOC. I dont use datatables so i dont care much.

      Has "Show me some code!" become the new "gifs or it didnt happen"?

      Enough is enough already. Make your own module and publish it to CPAN if you want. Nobody has to show you any code, and continuing to demand they do so is not polite at all.

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