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# qr/{,n}/ is now accepted

I find this code very unfortunate, what does it mean if the empty string can be repeated n times?

This could better be either a syntax error. But I'm rather expecting Perl not reading the curlies as metas.

from the delta

An empty lower bound is now accepted for regular expression quantifiers, like {,3}.

so {,3} is the same like {0,3} or {1,3} ?

please elaborate!


to demonstrate my point

DB<8> $re = qr/{0,3}/ DB<9> p "" =~ $re DB<10> p "{0,3}" =~ $re 1 DB<11> p $] 5.032001 DB<12> DB<13> use warnings; use strict; my $re = qr/{,3}/ DB<14>

the curlies are taken literally!

qr/{,3}/ was always allowed.

Cheers Rolf
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