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Re^6: [RFC] Review of module code and POD

by Bod (Curate)
on Apr 04, 2021 at 11:33 UTC ( #11130799=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^5: [RFC] Review of module code and POD
in thread [RFC] Review of module code and POD

The developer is not developing on the production system* and therefore does not have access to either the production DB credentials or indeed the production DB itself

Got it - that was the missing piece of my understanding...thanks!

If that isn't the case then stop whatever it is you are doing and set up a separate system just for development. Never develop on production

I have a test site set up for every domain and for shared offline tools. The test site has a structurally identical database that it connects to and the code is exactly the same except for the bit being developed. The only difference in the code is a single file holding variables such as the database credentials and other stuff such as payment gateway details and variables controlling what notification emails get dispatched and which environment is being used.

Historically, this file has been and pulled in with a require statement but slowly this is being refactored to use Bod::Variables;. As I don't really need to hide production database credentials from myself, this is perhaps sufficient for the moment but as things get updated I will look to change things. I was thinking that if and when I employ a junior developer, they will have no access to the production environment and only I will copy updated scripts from test to prod.

We also spin up a dev environment when there are any longer term projects like the current refactoring. This allows test to be used for minor changes without tying it up completely during the current project. The dev environment generally shares the test database.

Is this a sensible approach or should I be incrementally moving towards something better>

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