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Anyone interested in old Perl Journal and Perl Review magazines?

by iguanodon (Priest)
on Mar 10, 2021 at 23:34 UTC ( #11129433=perlmeditation: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Hi Monks, is anyone interested in old Perl Journal and Perl Review magazines? I will be moving and don't want to move these, again. I think I have a complete set of both:
  • The Perl Journal: 22 issues, spring 1996 through fall 2001
  • The Perl Review: 18 issues, winter 2004 through spring 2009
I would rather give these away than throw them in the recycle bin. I'd prefer to give them to someone who will take one or both complete sets but if there is nobody interested in that I will send individual issues. If you will take a complete set I will ship them to anywhere in the US, free to a good home. Outside the US, let's talk :) .
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Re: Anyone interested in old Perl Journal and Perl Review magazines?
by davido (Cardinal) on Mar 11, 2021 at 15:44 UTC

    I haven't even been able to find the Perl Review issues online, which sort of surprises me. I think I had a writeup in one of the 2004 issues, which I'm sure I could cringe over now.

    If you have the complete set of both runs; TPJ and TPR, maybe you could donate them to the Smithsonian so that they're archived and available into the future to anyone who walks in there.

    If I were to ask you to send them to me, I would thumb through them for a few hours, read a few articles, and after a couple weeks they would just sit in my basement storage room next to all my OReilly books that I now have access to through Oreilly Learning. The most important aspect of them sitting in my basement storage room would be that they would be preserved for some future handoff to someone else who wants to thumb through them and store them, a few years down the road. If the Smithsonian would accept them, or possibly the Computer History Museum in Mountainview, CA, that would make them more publicly available for a longer period of time.


      Great ideas Dave, thanks. I will look into donating them to the Smithsonian or the Computer History Museum.

        I'd be interested in knowing if they accept them.

        Also, I'm not aware of what their copyrights are; if they're still within copyright protection. But if not, it would be interesting to see them published in their entirety online. I think TPJ is available online, but I've never found TPR. Perhaps that could be requested as part of the plan when donating.


Re: Anyone interested in old Perl Journal and Perl Review magazines?
by perlfan (Vicar) on Mar 31, 2021 at 22:27 UTC
    I'd give these a very loving home if they were still available.
      Sorry, they are no longer available. Thanks to davido I contacted the Computer History Museum in Fremont CA and they were happy to take them. And I apologize for not updating this thread earlier, the donation was completed last week.
        Thank you, glad to know.

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