in reply to [Raku] Asterisk on DOS command line

In Windows 10 and using rakubrew I found the behavior indeed depends of the build environment used.
(rakubrew can download some prebuild versions, all compiled with MS tools)

With a raku built with MS tools the arguments remains unexpanded as expected:

C:\moar-2020.05.1\bin>raku -e "say @*ARGS.join: ' ';" abc * def abc * def C:\moar-2020.05.1\bin>raku -e "say $*VM.config<cc ldlibs>" (cl shell32.lib ws2_32.lib mswsock.lib rpcrt4.lib advapi32.lib psapi. +lib iphlpapi.lib userenv.lib user32.lib)

When built with mingw tools (from Strawberry perl) the resulting raku expands:

C:\moar-2020.05\install\bin>raku -e "say @*ARGS.join: ' ';" abc * def abc libmoar.dll.a moar.dll moar.exe nqp-m.exe nqp.exe perl6-debug-m.ex +e perl6-debug.exe perl6-m.exe perl6.exe raku-debug.exe raku.exe rakud +o-debug-m.exe rakudo-debug.exe rakudo-m.exe rakudo.exe def C:\moar-2020.05\install\bin>raku -e "say $*VM.config<cc ldlibs>" (gcc -lshell32 -lws2_32 -lmswsock -lrpcrt4 -ladvapi32 -lpsapi -liphlp +api -luserenv -luser32)

As the linked libraries are the same, I can only think in some differences in the startup code injected by the build environment.