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Thank you for that very inciteful answer. It is not often I get the opinion of someone from the opposite side of the interview table!

While your approach to the hiring, or not hiring of a candidate is something akin to my approach of things, I regret to say that I think that is sadly not always the approach taken. I sometimes feel that in interviews, the interviewer tries their best to out-tech me as soon as possible to give themselves the higher ground, but again that's just my opinion, and certainly not of ALL my interview experience.

I will certainly take into account your perception/opinion upon my next interview, If I am to get to that stage, as I'm still to receive feedback. Trying to pass the test is my first hurdle, who knows if i'll even get in the room! :)

So just a quick summation of your statement then - You value a persons attitude as opposed to their expereince, taken into account that the individual has already 'passed' a formative evaluation that they hold the necessary technical skills to learn what you have to teach?