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Re: When is it time to stop posting to CPAN? (When you die, maybe)

by beech (Parson)
on Oct 17, 2020 at 00:52 UTC ( #11122932=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to When is it time to stop posting to CPAN?


Is this what you're really saying?

When is it time to stop posting to CPAN? by perlfan

When is it time to stop liking perl/CPAN? by I like perl

WordList::ID::Fruit::PERLANCAR - seriously, come on dude.

WordList::ID::Fruit::PERLANCAR - seriously, stop that you like perl

When is it time to stop posting to CPAN? When you die, maybe



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Re^2: When is it time to stop posting to CPAN? (When you die, maybe)
by rsFalse (Hermit) on Nov 23, 2020 at 20:08 UTC

    I'll try to defend perlfan a bit.
    In his reply Re^2: When is it time to stop posting to CPAN?, he wrote: "I was concerned about AI/automated CPAN spam.". Later he admitted that he believes PERLANCAR is to be human, i.e. that this CPAN spam isn't automated or generated by AI.
    So here I would correct your question in this way:
    When is it time to stop spamming to CPAN? by perlquality-fan
    So it is a question about quality concerns, not about disliking perl.

    Someone will agree that particular modules are spam, someone will disagree. Imagine if the amount of "spam" modules increases by mean that many users find less and less percent of modules informative or useful. This will increase a time for every new user to find suitable modules, and many attempts to find them will deliver a disappointment. It will become a question for users: "should I further spend plenty of time to search suitable modules" or "should I code by myself" (or 3*).
    If higher percent of modules are great, then it is a higher chance to spend less time to find suitable one! Otherwise it wants to be implemented: 1. searching modules by community rating (not only by keywords, because bad module can reserve a good keyword), 2. socialnetwork-like ranking, where one can filter by seeing stars of his/her fans. 3. search engine which allows to reject particular authors and remember such choises.

    Perl community usually proudly delivers for the world that CPAN has MANY MANY modules which are ready to USE. But it is like an "r-strategy" to emphasize the amount not a quality.
    (It may suggest a bit about popularity of Perl therefore?)

    *3 - "I have much time and I want better modules here: so I will write a better module. But the name is already reserved. So I will append '2' to an existing name, or I'll choose an uncommon rare english word with the same meaning for the alternative."

    Also OP could be a bit more verbose on why he considers particular module and similar modules being SPAM. And what are suggestions.

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