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Raspberry Pi I2C Address Scanner with HiPi

by jmlynesjr (Deacon)
on Aug 30, 2020 at 02:20 UTC ( #11121191=CUFP: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

In browsing the HiPi::Device::I2C documentation I came across the scan_bus() function that loops through all of the possible I2C addresses and returns a list of active addresses.

This script scans the I2C bus and prints the found addresses. This would have been very useful in debugging the OLED scripts!

#! /usr/bin/perl # - Scan the I2C Bus for active devices # using the HiPi Raspberry Pi Perl Library # Documentation at # # James M. Lynes, Jr. - KE4MIQ # Created: June 28, 2020 # Last Modified: 08/28/2020 - Initial test version # 08/29/2020 - Change to printf to print address in Hex use strict; use warnings; use HiPi qw( :i2c ); use HiPi::Device::I2C; $SIG{INT} = \&trapcc; # Trap CTRL-C Signal my $dev = HiPi::Device::I2C->new(); # Create I2C Object my @attached = $dev->scan_bus(); # Scan I2C bus for # attached devices print "\nI2C Bus Scanner\n"; # List found devices print "===============\n"; foreach my $addr(@attached) { printf "Found address: %x\n", $addr; } print "Done...\n"; sub trapcc{ die "Terminated by CTRL-C Signal\n\n"; # Kill the script }


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