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No, generally speaking, there is no Perl tutorial related to running ModelSim simulations (or running any other simulators for that matter).

I have been using Perl for over 20 years in the VLSI industry, using Verilog for ASIC design and verification. I don't have much experience with ModelSim, but with the other big boys (Cadence and Synopsys). Here is my experience, FWIW.

When employers list Perl in a job description, it usually means they have a Perl code base which you may need to become familiar with and they expect you to have general experience with the following:

They typically don't expect you to be an expert in Perl, but they are looking for experience with some language which allows you to automate these tasks: shell script, Perl, C++, Python, etc. Unless it is purely a software position, they are more focused on your digital logic design and verification abilities than on your Perl skillz. Be honest with an interviewer regarding your Perl experience level.

Commonly in VLSI, Perl is used to parse and/or generate files with standard formats such as XML, HTML, CSV, Excel and Verilog. You would leverage CPAN for all of those. Additionally, you would parse simulation log files searching for such things as error messages, simulation times and random seed values using Perl regular expressions.

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