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I had thought it wouldn't be possible to get this geoip thing to work - there were so many things missing in the puzzle:

1) The default SQLite was 2013 version and I had no idea this could be an issue. Had to download the source and compile my own binaries.

2) I didn't have DBD::SQLite installed until someone mentioned it.

3) Then there was the config file which I didn't now I could get - thought it was only for paid users.

4) And then there was the memory usage thing at the server end that stopped the --fetch processes because it was using too much RAM (someone did warn about this). The hosting made an exception for an hour to allow the command to run.

So it was an not *easy thing* to do especially for someone not too familiar with Unix.

But it's finally done now - thank you everyone for your patience and help. Thank you.