The node 11118252 has a "special" link that contains a vertical bar (encoded as %7C). This link has been constructed by specifying the full href, as choroba told me in a private message. As the vertical bar cannot be used directly in a link at the monastery as it separates the location from the displayed text, it must be encoded in some way. Trying to use the path IO::Uncompress::Gunzip#Transparent-=>-0%7C1 with some shortcut schemas gives interesting results:

[metamod://IO::Uncompress::Gunzip#Transparent-=>-0%7C1] ->
points to nowhere (404)

[doc://IO::Uncompress::Gunzip#Transparent-=>-0%7C1] ->
links to the page, but not to the specified section

[mod://IO::Uncompress::Gunzip#Transparent-=>-0%7C1] ->
links to the specified section

<EDIT> and work just fine, when accessed with the original path component "as is". The example is misleading, as there are no anchors within the page. </EDIT>

All the generated links (except the full href) have one thing in common: The percent sign becomes encoded as %25. It depends on the target side if this will be interpreted in a useful way. I didn't find any documentation on how to include a hex encoded value in a link. Obviously it is handled different in a full href. Is this a bug or is it a feature? If it's a feature, then another feature might be missing: including hex codes in a path.



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Re: Hex codes in links
by Anonymous Monk on Jun 21, 2020 at 17:31 UTC
    Linking shortcuts are for monkeys to type. Anchors were never portable between different targets. If you want anchors copy url from browser bar after clicking