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I have to admit, I hate the idea of the trailing ::.

If you're enumerating the ways to quote things in Perl, don't forget HERE docs:

<<HERE # Double quoted <<"HERE" # Double quoted, explicit. <<'HERE' # Single quoted, explicit. <<\HERE # Single quoted, uncommonly used. <<`HERE` # Same as qx or ``. <<~HERE # Double quoted, indented. <<~"HERE" # Double quoted, indented. <<~'HERE' # Single quoted, indented. <<~\HERE # Single quoted, indented, uncommonly used (I'll b +et you could grep all of CPAN and not find this). <<~`HERE` # Same as qx / ``, indented.

Which made me think, too bad we don't have:

<<~/HERE/x # Regexp object, indented, multi-line freeform (/ +x modifier).