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Re^2: How to sub class-es

by exilepanda (Pilgrim)
on May 15, 2020 at 11:31 UTC ( #11116810=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: How to sub class-es
in thread How to sub class-es

If talking out of the code, I'd take Robo as a control point. For example, if left foot steps forward, the right arm moves forward too, to balance the body weight. But under the arm itself, if certain angle is reached, it stops, and I will leave it to Robo::Arm handle by itself. Back to the code, I've updated to my post. Any advise for me? Thx!

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Re^3: How to sub class-es
by GrandFather (Saint) on May 15, 2020 at 12:34 UTC

    So my wild guess was actually pretty close to the mark. You don't need Moose for a has-a relationship, a simple array or hash is essentially that. You are back at the container of RoboPart derived objects I mentioned above. Your Robo object then is just a container that knows how to send messages between the different parts and tosses out the odd message of its own. Consider:

    use strict; use warnings; package RoboPart; sub new { my ($class, %options) = @_; return bless \%options, $class; } sub dispatch { my ($self, $verb, @params) = @_; my $handler = $self->can($verb); die ref $self . " can't $verb\n" if !defined $handler; return $handler->($self, @params); } sub does { my ($self, $verb) = @_; return $self->can($verb); } package RoboArm; use parent -norequire, 'RoboPart'; sub pick { my ($self, $target) = @_; print "I am grabbing $target\n"; } package RoboFeet; use parent -norequire, 'RoboPart'; sub walk { my ($self) = shift; my ($x, $y) = @{$self->{Position}} ; if ( $x > 10 || $y > 10 ) { print "Out of boundary. I stop walk\n"; } else { print "I start walk from pos $x $y\n"; } } package Robo; sub new { my ($class) = @_; return bless { Arm => RoboArm->new(), Feet => RoboFeet->new(Position => [11, 0]), }, $class; } sub send { my ($self, $verb, @params) = @_; for my $part (values %$self) { $part->dispatch($verb, @params) if $part->does($verb); } } package main; my $robo = Robo->new(); $robo->send("pick", "Apple"); $robo->send("walk");


    I am grabbing Apple Out of boundary. I stop walk
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