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Re: Setting up and accessing a DarkPAN

by marto (Cardinal)
on May 07, 2020 at 09:08 UTC ( [id://11116534]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Setting up and accessing a DarkPAN

Hi Ken. Right now at work our darkpan purely consists of a dump using minicpan. If you wish to replicate locally you could do so, the docs for metacpan-api and metacpan-web should be useful in this regard, there's even a docker image to ease replication/installation, but this may be overkill depending on your needs/infrastructure.. Failing that you may be interested in App::lcpan. minicpan_webserver has some further documentation not mentioned in CPAN::Mini::Webserver.

Update: Should have mentioned, the self hosting suggestion for Metacpan gets around the potential lack of direct internet access darkpans may have.

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Re^2: Setting up and accessing a DarkPAN
by kcott (Archbishop) on May 07, 2020 at 13:59 UTC

    G'day marto,

    Many thanks for your suggestions. Some of these have already been looked into. Here's a brief summary of those.

    • Work on creating a local CPAN mirror was started quite some time ago (before I joined the company). It ran into various difficulties and was never fully operational. Fixing (or finding an alternative to) this is part of my current task. For now, I've put this into the overkill bucket; although, that doesn't preclude revisiting at some future point.
    • My current research looked into the option of using MetaCPAN locally; I did encounter Docker which you mentioned. While not entirely abandoned, I felt this also fell into the overkill bucket.
    • I had looked at both CPAN::Mini::Webserver and minicpan_webserver. The latter does have more documentation; although, how to achieve various tasks is not shown. As an example, it uses static CSS, via CPAN::Mini::Webserver::Templates::CSS: I imagine there would be some way to either tweak what that provides, or to specify a completely different style sheet, but there is no information on how to do that.
      • Compare with Pod::Html (and, by extension, pod2html) which has a fairly straightforward --css=stylesheet option. CPAN::Mini::Webserver uses Moose but I can't see any obvious 'has css' statements; the code is fairly long, and includes a number of use and extends statements, so I imagine I will eventually be able to find what I need — it's just annoying that I need to do this at all.

    Thanks for pointing me towards App::lcpan [for anyone else reading this, that's a lowercase case 'L', not an uppercase 'i']. I've had a brief look at this but will need to spend more time on it. There does appear to be a lot of documentation, especially in App::lcpan::Manual; at present, a lot of that is just "TODO" but the author (fellow monk, perlancar) appears to be working on that at the moment — I see four distribution updates in the last three days.

    Overall, there's nothing currently set in stone. I'll be starting a proof-of-concept tomorrow using the DarkPAN solution outlined in the OP — of course, that may change as work progresses. Given tomorrow is only a few minutes away in my timezone, I should probably get some sleep first. :-)

    — Ken

        G'day perlancar,

        I've just finished reading it: clear, concise and easy to read. Much appreciated. Thankyou.

        — Ken

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