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Re^3: RFC: Perl<->JSON<->YAML<->Dumper : roundtripping and possibly with unicode

by kcott (Bishop)
on Apr 10, 2020 at 05:13 UTC ( #11115308=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: RFC: Perl<->JSON<->YAML<->Dumper : roundtripping and possibly with unicode
in thread RFC: Perl<->JSON<->YAML<->Dumper : roundtripping and possibly with unicode

I didn't run a POD checker; however, by visual inspection, I see four instances like


Given there are also four, very similar warnings, that you had difficulties identifying, I'd hazard a guess that they're the source.

I see in your post (to which I'm replying) you've changed one of those to


You may find it easier, and more readable, to use

C<< 'escape-unicode'=>1 >>

That's explained in "perlpod: Formatting Codes" (you'll need to scroll down a fair way; it's past all the initial dot points in that section).

I'd also recommend you add this as you first POD command paragraph:

=encoding utf8

That will cover any Greek, or other non-ASCII, examples you may add. See "perlpod: Command Paragraph: =encoding" for details.

"... do you have an opinion about having function names with params? I don't like it when I read a manual and it mentions only sub names."

Yes, I agree that the arguments should be documented; in addition, the return value should also be described. I would typically write the example you cite something along these lines:

=head2 C<perl2yaml> my $yaml = perl2yaml($perlvar, $optional_paramshashref); The C<perl2yaml> function does ... Arguments: =over 4 =item * C<$perlvar> ... C<$perlvar> description ... =item * C<$optional_paramshashref> ... C<$optional_paramshashref> description ... =back Return value: =over 4 =item * C<$yaml> ... C<$yaml> description ... =back

Although that looks like a lot of typing for every function, I'd generally set up a template for all of the formatting: that only leaves specifics to be entered. And, where you have very similar documentation, a copy, paste, and substitution can do most of the work; for instance, you could make three copies of the above then s/yaml/json/g in one copy and s/yaml/dump/g in another, and most of your work is done (the three xxxx2perl functions could be handled similarly).

— Ken

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Re^4: RFC: Perl<->JSON<->YAML<->Dumper : roundtripping and possibly with unicode
by bliako (Parson) on Apr 10, 2020 at 14:06 UTC

    noted, thanks.I will use these guidelines.

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