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Hello Monks,

I am struggling to make either of Data::Dump or Data::Dumper to print rendered(?) unicode characters rather than those ugly escapes but I can't seem to succeed. Perl prints them nicely but dump and dumper escape.

use utf8; binmode STDOUT, ':encoding(UTF-8)'; use Data::Dumper; use Data::Dump qw/pp/; my $pv = {'&#945;&#946;&#947;' => '&#967;&#968;&#950;'}; #<<<proper gr +eek key and value print pp($pv)."\n"; print Dumper($pv); print "XX:'".$pv->{'&#945;&#946;&#947;'}."'\n"; # proper greek nicely +printed # madness: { "\x{3B1}\x{3B2}\x{3B3}" => "\x{3C7}\x{3C8}\x{3B6}" } $VAR1 = { "\x{3b1}\x{3b2}\x{3b3}" => "\x{3c7}\x{3c8}\x{3b6}" }; # nicely printed XX:'&#967;&#968;&#950;' #<<<< that's proper greek

thanks, bliako

Edit: sorry, I did not mention JSON (thanks haukex for reminding me). What I am trying to do is to visualise a long JSON by converting it to a Perl var and then possibly edit the perl var, and finally save back to JSON (with the changes). So, yes, actually I am serialising and de-serialising but I can't seem to find an ascii-text-based, unicode-friendly serialiser other than Dump and Dumper. And for me, YAML is too tiring with all that spaces. Or I am just used to nested Perl data.

So, the input and output are JSON. Long JSON with unicode. I want to edit that JSON too. But it's too cumbersome in a text-based editor. And so I prefer to covert JSON to Perl, edit the Perl and then convert back to JSON. My procedure/tool was working until some unicode broke it.