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To clarify: as of writing, on Perl 5.28.1 and Perldoc v3.2801: For example, given as follows:
=head1 SECTION =for comment Comment! =cut =begin comment Comment! Number 2 =end comment =cut
Therefore, I personally use =begin comment / =end comment / =cut, even though it's a bit tedious.

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Re^3: Multi-line comments in perl code?
by haukex (Archbishop) on Apr 03, 2020 at 06:53 UTC
    =for comment Comment! =cut
    ... produces:
    SECTION Comment!

    That is the correct behavior, your conclusion "=for comment hides text from perl but not perldoc" isn't correct. From perlpod (emphasis mine):

    The command "=for formatname text..." specifies that the remainder of just this paragraph (starting right after formatname) is in that special format.

    Remove the blank line after the =for and the "Comment!" is hidden. The =for still begins a section of POD that needs to be terminated by =cut, so Perl will ignore the entire example you posted.