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Re: Downloading Strawberry Perl via anything but http.

by GrandFather (Sage)
on Feb 11, 2020 at 04:54 UTC ( #11112757=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Downloading Strawberry Perl via anything but http.

Happy to drop it in a Google Drive folder if that suits. The 64 bit .msi is around 100MB. PM me with an email address if that's of interest. (Update: not that the 64 bit msi is interesting to you - I need to read more carefully before I reply! Offer still stands for your preferred package.)

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Re^2: Downloading Strawberry Perl via anything but http.
by syphilis (Bishop) on Feb 11, 2020 at 09:45 UTC
    Thanks for the offer, GrandFather, but it's not something I need immediately - and I probably need to browse the Strawberry Perl website to find the actual distro I'm looking for :-(
    I'm curious about this "UNKNOWN" report. It's an odd one, and I would have seen if I could reproduce it if I could have grabbed that build of Strawberry Perl.
    It's possibly nothing more than a botched installation, anyway.

    A few times in the past I've had ssh support set up at, but the hosts always seem to have it disabled whenever I want to make use of it.
    I'll contact them tonight, with the aim of getting it set up again so that I can wget stuff that I want, and then transfer it to my home network via scp.
    I already have the "scp" capability - it's the shell access that I seem to be missing.

    I'll also start making preparations to move to another ISP.


      I manually ran and submitted a passing report on a win32 5.30.1 64bit, so my guess is that it was a bad installation or something went wrong in the smoker-environment.

      While I was looking to see if it showed up yet in tail/log.txt, I saw that gregor had just submitted a second run: it looks like when run manually, it was passing for him, too. Other than the path (which has extra stuff because it was manually run), and not running in the smoker-environment, I cannot tell what the difference is between the two.

      update: ahh, mine was 5.30.0, not 5.30.1... Still, it gives you more passes. :-)

        I emailed gregor last night, and there was a reply sitting in my inbox this morning.
        He said he restarted his smoker and List-Uniqnum-0.05 passed.
        He added that sometimes the smoker can't find files that are present, and requires a reboot. And, on this particular occasion, the report was sent before the problem with the smoker was detected.


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