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Hi haj

And thanks once more for your long and helpful reply. I tested now a bit more, adopting your tip to use  decoded_content.

So when I look now what is read by LWP I really get the correct Umlaut which I also can see when I set binmode on the debugger's IO.

The problem lies in the output of MIME::Lite::TT::HTML it seems. Looking at the code, it seems one can provide input and output charset. When you don't, MIME::Lite::TT::HTML assumes you already provide the correct charset :( So what I would need to do is provide the Charset of the internal perl strings - which doesn't exist I assume. I think I'll have to patch MIME::Lite::TT::HTML…

As you wrote:

Now when you write the data, you need to encode it to UTF-8. I suppose (but didn't test right now) that MIME::Lite::TT::HTML does the right thing and encodes for you if you provide the Charset attribute on the constructor. =FC is QP-encoding for an ISO-8859-1 'ü' and indeed wrong here. So if you did provide Charset => 'utf8', then shout up, I'll write some tests.

So here is my shout out. ;)

I assume the relevant part which needs to be patched is this Line 115-117:

$charset = [ $charset ] unless ref $charset eq 'ARRAY'; my $charset_input = shift @$charset || 'US-ASCII'; my $charset_output = shift @$charset || $charset_input;

Here I would provide "something" for the internal perl encoding. Maybe '*internal*'?.

Starting line 156, the code looks dubious. "remove_utf8_flag" does not seem correct. after what I learned from you and others in my threads.

And then the

encoding should be changed I guess to:

if ($charset_input ne $charset_output) { my $perl_string= $charset_input eq '*internal*' ? $string : Encode::decode($charste_input, $string); $string= Encode::encode($charset_output, $perl_string); }

What do you think?

Update I've created a patch which allows one to tell MIME::Lite::TT::HTML that text provided ($charset_input) is internal perl representation. With this in place, my script works as expected.

Unfortunately it seems the module is abandoned as the issues opened for it are 12 years old :(