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Perl has a built in formatter..see

But for this I would need to know the data upfront. I want the table to be built according to the data. In spite of my examle the data of course, comes from a database and the column widths haveto adjust. That's what Text::Table does.

I also think that you will find that an email with the assumption that the user is using a fixed width font won't work well.

I know. An HTML alternative is sent as well.


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Re^3: Template::Toolkit and Text::Table
by Marshall (Canon) on Feb 08, 2020 at 05:16 UTC
    Another option to consider is a .CSV file. Text::CSV is one possibility. Just a thought. Spreadsheet programs are pretty ubiquitous nowadays.A long, long time ago I had to produce a weekly report. I wound up making an Excel spreadsheet with some macros which I gave my users. Then the weekly report was a simple .CSV file (plain text) that they imported into my predeployed "smart sheet" (binary).