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Most of my colleagues use Komodo, I gave it a try.

> The IDE has a great debugger for Perl

It's basically the default debugger, but the editor integration scrolls thru the original code while stepping thru.˛

What's better than in Emacs is the graphical interface to the debuggers features and the fact that you can set breakpoints visually at the left fringe of the source code.

This and the fact that flymake° is activated by default, are the main plus points for my team.

Overall a very nice bundle, which makes many things a no-brainer.

But Komodo's editor was for my taste too slow.

There is also a potential insecurity, because Mozilla is discontinuing XUL.

Cheers Rolf
(addicted to the Perl Programming Language :)
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°) imagine a spellchecker running perl -c in the background. eg if a my is forgotten the line will be marked after a second.

˛) No real news, Emacs does the same.