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Welcome to Perl and PerlMonks!

I much prefer to do my own research. Asking questions, like here, is a last resort.

I feel the same, but there's also no need to be worried about posting here.

I was told by some folks at that membership here can be tough.

Well, sometimes, but in my experience only when people are rude, spread bad information, and/or treat PM as a code writing service instead of a place to learn Perl. If you show your code (SSCCE), your thought process, and that you're learning from the replies you get, then as a general rule you should get a lot of help :-) Have a look at PerlMonks for the Absolute Beginner and How do I post a question effectively?, and feel free to ask here anytime!

Some things to get started:

My personal book recommendations for a programmer new to Perl would be: Learning Perl (optional depending on programming skill level), Modern Perl, and of course The Camel.