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Re: Force Getopt::Long to Require ONLY Equals Sign Between Option Name and Value

by tangent (Vicar)
on Oct 19, 2019 at 00:04 UTC ( #11107679=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Force Getopt::Long to Require ONLY Equals Sign Between Option Name and Value

Getopt::Long has a configration option called 'gnu_compat' which I thought might work, but...

gnu_compat controls whether --opt= is allowed, and what it should do. Without gnu_compat, --opt= gives an error. With gnu_compat, --opt= will give option opt and empty value. This is the way GNU getopt_long() does it.

Note that --opt value is still accepted, even though GNU getopt_long() doesn't.

Your problem is that note at the end. You do not want "--opt value" to be accepted, you want it to behave like "--opt= nextarg".

In the source for Getopt::Long there is this code to handle gnu_compat:

# Check if there is an option argument available. if ( $gnu_compat ) { my $optargtype = 0; # none, 1 = empty, 2 = nonempty, 3 = aux --cut-- elsif ( defined $rest || @$argv > 0 ) { # GNU getopt_long() does not accept the (optional) # argument to be passed to the option without = sign. # We do, since not doing so breaks existing scripts. $optargtype = 3; } --cut-- return (1, $opt, $ctl, $type eq 's' ? '' : 0) if $optargtype == 1; # --foo= -> return nothing }
I think if you set '$optargtype' to 1 here it would work.

Maybe Getopt::Long could add a configuration option called 'gnu_compat_strict' so you could have:

elsif ( defined $rest || @$argv > 0 ) { $optargtype = $gnu_compat_strict ? 1 : 3; }

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