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Re^3: Go to perl::critic

by rjt (Curate)
on Oct 06, 2019 at 11:34 UTC ( #11107094=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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    pts/2 ryan@pi:~/src/shorts $> perlcritic -1 
    No package-scoped "$VERSION" variable found at line 1, column 1.  See 
    +page 404 of PBP.  (Severity: 2)
    Return value of flagged function ignored - say at line 6, column 1.  S
    +ee pages 208,278 of PBP.  (Severity: 1)
    Useless interpolation of literal string at line 10, column 14.  See pa
    +ge 51 of PBP.  (Severity: 1)
    Label "figaro" is not all upper case at line 13, column 1.  See pages 
    +45,46 of PBP.  (Severity: 1)
    Return value of flagged function ignored - say at line 13, column 9.  
    +See pages 208,278 of PBP.  (Severity: 1)

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