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Fedora 28 came with Perl 5.26. Fedora 29 comes with Perl 5.28. The module (XML::Parser and any other XS modules) will need to be recompiled for the new version of Perl.

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Re^2: Fedora 29 upgrade
by JRBJhawk (Novice) on Aug 07, 2019 at 22:01 UTC

    Thanks for the quick reply. When I tried to recompile (using the cpan command "install XML::Parser", I got:

    XML::Parser is up to date (2.44)

    I am indeed running the v5.28.2 verions of Perl. Should I do something different to recompile XML::Parser?

      Try cpanm -U XML::Parser. That'll prompt you to remove the distribution. After that's done, try reinstalling as normal.

        When I run the uninstall, I get:

        Successfully uninstalled XML::Parser

        But when I try to install again, I get

        XML::Parser is up to date. (2.44)

        This happens whether I user cpan or cpanm