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Re^7: Looking for the maintainer of Sendmail::Milter.

by Arunbear (Prior)
on Jul 04, 2019 at 15:52 UTC ( #11102410=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^6: Looking for the maintainer of Sendmail::Milter.
in thread Looking for the maintainer of Sendmail::Milter.

You could upload it to CPAN as a developer release (a mechanism designed for scenarios just like yours).
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Re^8: Looking for the maintainer of Sendmail::Milter.
by GWHAYWOOD (Sexton) on Jul 04, 2019 at 23:44 UTC
    Thanks for the replies. There are enhancements to the API, but it's basically the same API so I think it's going to be a developer release. That sounds right.

    The documentation isn't clear to me. For a developer release, do I need to do something with the $VERSION scalar in the .pm files themselves to make PAUSE recognize that it's a developer release, or will it be sufficient to name the uploaded tarball "sendmail-pmilter-1.21-TRIAL3.tar.gz" while in the two .pm files which it contains will be

    our $VERSION = '1.21';

    the intention being to leave $VERSION at that value after any fixes to the developer release are completed?

      I can see many disadvantages of having two releases of a module with different content and the same $VERSION value so I would never do that.

      Historically, Sendmail::PMilter has used the traditional X.XX_XX form for dev releases of the dist. Unless you have a tangibly good reason to stop that practice why not stick with it?

      Personally, I'd keep the $VERSION in the module and the version number of the dist in perfect sync as that way there can be no confusion.

        Thanks again.

        So aiming for example for an eventual release of 1.21, instead of


        you'd suggest for example



        our $VERSION = '1.20_01';

        in the .pm files themselves?

        All fine by me if it's acceptable. It just seems that there's a lot of different ways that people do it. :/

      As recommended here I released the new module as sendmail-pmilter-1.20_01 and the testing bots seem to be happy with it so far.

      Almost by chance I saw that it's recommended to have a CONTRIBUTING file.

      The testing bots don't seem to have mentioned that I didn't have one, but I made one and now there's a 1.20_02 version in the works.

      I say 'almost' by chance because I was looking for help with quality.

      I'm sort of a fan of quality, in the sense of Title21, Chapter1, s820 or ISO9000 - both of which I've worked to.

      The closest I've got so far is a link on labelled 'Kwalitee'. This links to a page which shows that a bot has done some useful checks on V1.00 of the module, but I don't see a way to get those checks dome on the development version.

      Am I looking in the wrong place?

      In there's mention of the QA mailing list ( so I checked the archives.

      Three posts in the last two years.

      I'm looking for help with bringing the content of Sendmail::PMilter-1.2x up to scratch - when I can find a definition of 'scratch'.

      Where else should I be looking?

        but I don't see a way to get those checks (kwalitee) dome on the development version.

        It's right here.

        The CONTRIBUTING file is a relatively recent phenomenon so there are fewer references to such a thing in the documentaion for module authors. If you are concerned about quality metrics then I would suggest three and a half sources:

        • The kwalitee measure as already referred to.
        • The test matrix - all green is good.
        • The test coverage - the higher the percentages the better.
        • and the half: Perl::Critic. It is highly opinionated but it might make some recommendations with which you agree. Just try not to get too obsessive about it.

        It might help to unify things if you capitalised the dist name for future releases too.

        Good luck.

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