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Re^2: Best method to eliminate substrings from array

by catemp (Initiate)
on Jun 26, 2019 at 17:26 UTC ( [id://11101970]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Best method to eliminate substrings from array
in thread Best method to eliminate substrings from array

I am currently eliminating duplicates @arrWorkingCompletedChains = uniq @arrWorkingCompletedChains; and sorting the list largest to smallest @arrWorkingCompletedChains = sort { length($b) <=> length($a) } @arrWorkingCompletedChains;

What I need to do is eliminate any overlapping string sets from the working array so the end result can be stored in our database

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Re^3: Best method to eliminate substrings from array
by Anonymous Monk on Jun 26, 2019 at 17:39 UTC
    you didn't answer one of the questions... more sample data plz
      I hope this enough of a sampling:
      2N0472|6N8595|9L1366|1189902|1413983|8B2026|1M3381|7K3377|3H5788|1F785 +4|8W1152|8R0721|9C5344|6W6672|9G7101|3023908|6Y1352|4P0489|2757803 3419308|3514531|3525716|3557019|3586192|3635776|3783741 3T3625|6T7765|9L1366|1189902|1413983|8B2026|1M3381|7K3377|3H5788|1F785 +4 3T3625|6T7765|9L1366|1189902|1413983|8B2026|1M3381|7K3377|3H5788|1F785 +4|8W1152|8R0721 3T3628|6T7765|9L1366|1189902|1413983|8B2026|1M3381|7K3377|3H5788|1F785 +4|8W1152|8R0721|9C5344|6W6672|9G7101|3023908|6Y1352|4P0489|1336934 4N4906|6N6481|9L1366|1189902|1413983|8B2026|1M3381|7K3377 4N4906|6N6481|9L1366|1189902|1413983|8B2026|1M3381|7K3377|3H5788 6N7936|6N5049|9L1366|1189902|1413983|8B2026|1M3381|7K3377|3H5788|1F785 +4|8W1152|8 R0721|9C5344|6W6672|9G7101|3023908|6Y1352|4P0489|2757803 6Y0248|6T7765|9L1366|1189902|1413983|8B2026|1M3381|7K3377|3H5788|1F785 +4|8W1152|8R0721|9C5344|6W6672|9G7101|3023908|6Y1352|4P0489|1336934 6Y0248|6T7765|9L1366|1189902|1413983|8B2026|1M3381|7K3377 6Y0248|6T7765|9L1366|1189902|1413983|8B2026|1M3381|7K3377|3H5788|1F785 +4|8W1152

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