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(Sorry for the delayed reply. I started then got interrupted by an emergency.)

You might also want to consider having DEPLOYER do a little more of the "grunt work".

You have 3 lists of the same files: pathsToDep­loy, filesToDep­loy and filesToCon­vert. You only need one list/table, then derive the individual lists.


my %pathsToDep­loy; my %filesToDep­loy; my @filesToCon­vert; sub Deploy { my %ToDep­loy = @_; %pathsToDep­loy = map { $_ => $ToDep­loy{$_}->[0] } keys %ToDep­l +oy; %filesToDep­loy = map { $_ => $ToDep­loy{$_}->[1] } keys %ToDep­l +oy; @filesToCon­vert = keys %ToDep­loy ); # other code }

Then in your deploy script, you only need:

DEPLOYER::Dep­loy ( "MY_LAUNCHER_1102320­" => [ '/fancy/deploy/path', 0775 ]­, "" => [ '/fancy/deploy/path'­, 0775 ], "" => [ '/fancy/deploy/path'­, 0775 ], );

This will make the deploy scripts easier to configure because each file is mentioned only once, instead of the 3 times the legacy deploy scripts works and your current new proposal.

Also, as long as has use File::Copy; the deploy scripts only need use DEPLOY;