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Re: The First Ten Perl Monks

by jdporter (Canon)
on May 15, 2019 at 16:38 UTC ( #11100028=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to The First Ten Perl Monks

So here's the true list of Founding Users -- those accounts created before the site went "public". Most were associated with the standup of the site in some way. Others were their friends/coworkers.

useridentityaccount created
paco1999-10-26 21:12
CowboyNealJonathan Pater1999-10-26 22:31
CmdrTacoRob Malda1999-10-27 00:21
dbrownDarrick Brown1999-10-28 03:37
DiBonaChris DiBona1999-11-03 00:05
vroomTim Vroom1999-11-12 00:53
pschoonveldPatrick Schoonveld1999-12-02 06:56
nateNathan Oostendorp1999-12-22 22:36
dem bonesRyan Postma1999-12-23 16:49

chromatic and robo joined a little later.

Note that there were, of course, other accounts created during that timeframe: administrative and "non-player" accounts such as root, faq_monk, and Anonymous User, as well as test accounts by vroom and nate such as Perl Friar, sgtbaker, and Master Aalnan.

I reckon we are the only monastery ever to have a dungeon stuffed with 16,000 zombies.

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