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Re: Very basic question on reading error messages

by cmilfo (Hermit)
on Sep 07, 2001 at 22:53 UTC ( #110980=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Very basic question on reading error messages

If you are new to Perl (I think you mentioned this earlier), then you might be new to the whole command line programming scene. If you don't like writing your output to a file and reading, you might try just making your command prompt buffer bigger. It has been a while since I've changed this, but if memory serves me, you right click on the menu bar of your window and click on properties. Then look through the menu options for the buffer size. Crank that puppy up!

Another option for you might be to use an IDE. Then your output will be written to an onscreen scrollable buffer.

I've seen two that look decent:

Komodo from ActiveState
PerlBuilder from SolutionSoft

They both cost money, but sometimes it is worth it. Personally, I just use Vim. But, I work on Linux machines, and I can make my command line buffers, HUGE.

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Re: Re: Very basic question on reading error messages
by pmas (Hermit) on Sep 08, 2001 at 09:21 UTC
    ... and because it is perl, we have also free open-source IDE:

    Jürgen Güntherodt anounced Open Perl IDE, free lookalike of VisualPerl, with features:
    -Perl Syntax Coloring
    -Visual Debugging
    -Integrated Help System
    -Customizable Environment

    Jürgen invited to look at

    Try take a look, and then tell us...:)

    To make errors is human. But to make million errors per second, you need a computer.

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