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Hi Monks!
I have this code structure and after passing the data to the sub routine “test” inside of the module, I am trying to accesses the items in the arrays, but I am getting an error saying that this is not a has reference.
What is the correct syntax to access each element once it gets passed to the sub without a loop?
Here is a sample that shows what I am trying to do:
use strict; user warnings; use info; use Data::Dumper; ... foreach my $in (@{$data{$key}}) { push @data , { name => $in{$key}[0]{ name }, add => $in{$key}[0]{ add }, street => $in{$key}[0]{ street }, city => $in{$key}[0]{ city }, zip => $in{$key}[0]{ zip }, state => $in{$key}[0]{ state }, }; } ... # Call and send data. info::test(\@data); ... # End file ... # file ... package info; use strict; use warnings; use Data::Dumper; ... sub test{ my ($test_data) = @_; print Dumper $test_data->{name}; } 1;

Thanks for looking!