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Thank you for this topic, it is very useful for a beginner. However i had a trouble with use of Module.

When i first test your module it works well, however i soon as i want to add a function in it "func3..", even if if declare it in Export i get the error : " func3 is not exported by the Module MyModule".

However if i create a new package MyModulebis with the func3 direcly in it i have no problem to use func 3... But, problem happens again if i want to add func4. It looks like once you call use 'lib' in your main code, i can't modify the package.

What could i do to avoid it ? Is it possible to delete all lib added or to overwrite it as soon as the main code is running ? How could i have acces to the lib added ?

Thank you for you answer Leackim