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Re: Adminmisc & V5.16

by Loops (Curate)
on Nov 14, 2014 at 00:37 UTC ( #1107171=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Adminmisc & V5.16

You'll have to compile from source since packages don't seem to be available anywhere for v5.16. AdminMisc 2003 source was the last release.

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Re^2: Adminmisc & V5.16
by syphilis (Archbishop) on Nov 14, 2014 at 04:43 UTC
    AdminMisc 2003 source was the last release

    When you look at that source you find a ppd file that references ppm packages built for perl-5.8 and earlier.
    This is not much use if you have perl-5.16.

    There's also a collection of headers, .cpp, and .c files - but no instructions that I could find as to how to build the damned thing. (Maybe I just didn't look hard enough.)
    I seem to recall that the idea was that you could build this as an MSVC++ Project if you had a Microsoft compiler that was capable of doing that and if you knew how to build a "Project".
    I have MSVC compilers that are "Project"-capable, but I don't know how to utilise that capability with this AdminMisc source - if, indeed, that is what one is supposed to do.
    Furthermore, I have no interest in researching how to build this (or any other) "Project".

    But if some knowledgeable person can provide a step-by-step account of how one can build this module from the given source (using either VC++ or MinGW) then I can probably provide ppm packages for it - and give it the availability it deserves.


      Hey Rob,

      Not something i'm likely to dig into either, but it would be great if someone who spends more time on windows could take a look. In any case, there is an MS Developer Studio project file included in that zip (AdminMisc.dsp) that should have most of the build info in it.

        Just ran into a problem using this postamble in  Win32-Daemon-20131206\Makefile.PL

        It should be

        sub MY::xs_c { ' .xs.cpp: $(XSUBPPRUN) $(XSPROTOARG) $(XSUBPPARGS) $*.xs >xstmp.c && $(MV) x +stmp.c $*.cpp '; }

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