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Re^4: Print entire line

by pabla23 (Novice)
on Nov 06, 2014 at 13:49 UTC ( #1106365=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^3: Print entire line
in thread Print entire line

Sorry and if i want for example to search all the genes associated to different "DOID". My file is:

parasitic helminthiasis infectious disease DOID:883 IL4 IL5

female reproductive organ cancer DOID:120 BARD1 MAN1B1 SLC12A7 AMHR2 IL4 SLC12A6 SLC12A4

My input is "IL4" and i want:



I have to compare string? Thank a lot Paola

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Re^5: Print entire line
by Loops (Curate) on Nov 06, 2014 at 14:32 UTC

    It's essentially the same program, with a different comparison:

    my $filename = '/Users/Pabli/Desktop/do_human_mapping.gmt'; my $match = 'IL4'; open(my $file, '<', $filename) or die "open: $!"; while (<$file>){ my ($name,$id,@genes) = split /\t/; print $id,$/ if grep/^$match$/, @genes; }

    Happy to help, but the hope is that you're working towards being able to construct these lil programs for yourself!

      Thanks a lot "Loops" you are amazing!!!

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