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Read How do I post a question effectively? if you want good answers. We really encourage people who show they are trying to learn. Posting what seems to be a homework question without even showing an attempt to solve it and also providing an inconsistent example of the required output sets a lot of red-flags that will make many monks refrain from answering. If you want good answers you post good questions.

With that said, the following code gets closer to what you want, you can expand on it by holding the index values for each array at any given iteration and reporting that. This is left as an exercise to the OP.

my @numbers=(1,2,3); my @letters=("a","b","c"); for(0..$#numbers){ my $arr_curr_val= $numbers[$_]; for(0..$#letters){ print "$arr_curr_val\t$letters[$_]\n"; } }
Update: gave the arrays meaningful names rather than @array1 and @array2. Thanks to Anonymous Monk who pointed that out.

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