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Hi, I am trying to parse HTML data using regex, below is the HTML code
<td class="body3" valign="top"><p style="margin-top:1ex; margin-botto +m:1ex;">The purpose of this study is to compare two types of care - s +tandard <span class="hit_org">oncology</span> care and standard <span + class="hit_org">oncology</span> care with early palliative care (sta +rted soon after diagnosis) to see which is better for improving the e +xperience of patients and families with advanced lung and non-colorec +tal GI cancer. The study will use questionnaires to measure patients +' and caregivers' quality of life, mood, coping and understanding of +their illness.</p></td>
I tried to extract the text using below code. ($bs) = $pre_bs =~ m/\>(.*)\</; Information of only 1st tag will be removed, not all. So I tried with this as well,  $bt =~ s/<.*>//gi; but its not working, everything is removed in this case. I want to remove all tags in a line no matter how many are they, tried multiple combinations but nothing is working. Thanks