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Re: A TableMatrix row selection question

by stefbv (Curate)
on Aug 29, 2014 at 07:37 UTC ( #1098952=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to A TableMatrix row selection question

As I'm still trying to learn Perl and Perl/Tk...

So do I :-)

1. The fields are from the event data structure of the x11 window system. From "The Xlib Manual", "Chapter 10: Events", 10.2 Event Structures:

typedef union _XEvent { int type; /* must not be changed */ XAnyEvent xany; XKeyEvent xkey; XButtonEvent xbutton; XMotionEvent xmotion; XCrossingEvent xcrossing; XFocusChangeEvent xfocus; XExposeEvent xexpose; XGraphicsExposeEvent xgraphicsexpose; XNoExposeEvent xnoexpose; XVisibilityEvent xvisibility; XCreateWindowEvent xcreatewindow; XDestroyWindowEvent xdestroywindow; XUnmapEvent xunmap; XMapEvent xmap; XMapRequestEvent xmaprequest; XReparentEvent xreparent; XConfigureEvent xconfigure; XGravityEvent xgravity; XResizeRequestEvent xresizerequest; XConfigureRequestEvent xconfigurerequest; XCirculateEvent xcirculate; XCirculateRequestEvent xcirculaterequest; XPropertyEvent xproperty; XSelectionClearEvent xselectionclear; XSelectionRequestEvent xselectionrequest; XSelectionEvent xselection; XColormapEvent xcolormap; XClientMessageEvent xclient; XMappingEvent xmapping; XErrorEvent xerror; XKeymapEvent xkeymap; long pad[24]; } XEvent;

2. $Ev->x and $Ev->y are the coordinates of the pointer, I don't know what does '@' stand for, the syntax is from the demos of the Tk::TableMatrix module.

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