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It works on a UTF-16 CSV file.

use v5.14;
use strict;
use warnings;
use utf8;

use autodie qw( open close );
use Text::CSV_PP;

@ARGV == 1 or die "Usage: perl $0 <CSV file>\n";

my $file = shift;

open my $fh, '<:raw:perlio:encoding(UTF-16):crlf', $file;

my $csv = Text::CSV_PP->new({
    sep_char    => '🎬',
    quote_char  => '🎥',
    escape_char => '🎥',
    binary      => 1,

my @rows;

while (my $row = $csv->getline($fh)) {
    push @rows, $row;

$csv->eof() or $csv->error_diag();

close $fh;

binmode STDOUT, ':raw:perlio::encoding(UTF-16LE):crlf';

for my $row (@rows) {
    $row->[4] =~ s/\n\s*/, /g;

    printf "%-24s %s\n", $row->[0], $row->[4];

exit 0;

See these nodes for an explanation of the UTF-16 PerlIO nonsense required on Microsoft Windows.